Excellent Service

​Thank you for the excellent service you provided for me on October 7, 2013 when you transported me and my wife from Dr. H’s office in Medford to Virtua Hospital in Voorhees. We appreciate your professionalism and caring you extended to us.

V. R. and R. R. 

You guys do such a great job.

​Last December you took William to the hospital because he broke his arm around the shoulder. I wanted to thank you for the compassionate way you treated him.  He passed away this past June 17 at 96, not because of the fall but because he wasn’t able t make red blood cells anymore. You guys do such a great job I wish my donation could be more. God watch over you all.

Gratefully, C. B.

I almost lost my life

​On May 17,2013, I almost lost my life.  If not for the skilled and quick actions of the  Medford EMT’s, I would not be here to say thank you. I was frightened and so weak whey they arrived. I had an anaphylatic reaction to an antibiotic and was in major distress. They went to work immediately to save my life. I owe them so much and am so grateful for them.

Thank you! D.S.

We can’t thank you enough…

...for all that you did for our family the night of October 19. You were all so very caring and professional towards us as we suffered a great tragedy, the loos of our home. Please know that we are deeply indebted to you for dedicating your lives to help our community. We are so blessed to have all of you on the squad. Medford is the greatest town to live in thanks to you.

Our deepest gratitude and love, The O Family.

P.S. The jewelry cleaned up beautifully. 

Thank You

​Just wanted to send you my heartfelt “Thank you” for your going the extra mile and taking my daughter Judy to Kennedy Hosp instead of Virtua. She had a splenetic bleed, spent 8 days in ICU, 8 units of blood later she is finally home and doing well. 

You went above and beyond. Thanky you good Neighbors.x


Thank You

​On February 3, I was taken to Virtua Voorhees Hospital by one of your EMS Ambulances.

I was treated in a very professional and caring manner.

I want to thank everyone that responded to my call.

I always contribute during your annual drive, but I’m enclosing a small additional check now as a thank you.

You are all in my prayers.

Thank you, C.S.